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What It Takes To Get a Fourth Quarter Win

By Jason Mudd

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

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August 2021 – Building Momentum as We Head Into the Final Stretch of 2021


A football game.Creating a spark with your users takes unforgettable moments. From process and quality improvement to dynamic marketing strategies, the final quarter of the year gives you the chance to put it all on the line and score the big win your team has worked all year for. 





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1. Emulating the NFL for Creating Unforgettable Fourth-Quarter Moments
2. How Tesla's Culture of Innovation Can Be the Spark Your Team Needs
3. 60-Second Close: Getting the Most Out of the Last Quarter of 2021


1. Emulating the NFL for Creating Unforgettable Fourth Quarter Moments

  • National Football League (NFL) teams build entire legacies based on strong finishes in the fourth quarter. These unforgettable moments continuously elevate the NFL brand experience. 
  • As we start looking to the fourth quarter of 2021, marketing leaders need to keep teams focused and prepared to take advantage of pent-up demand from consumers and companies, especially as we look toward year-end and the holidays.
  • Like the NFL, in a clutch situation, marketing leaders should focus on strengths and do what their team does best. The closing act or final quarter isn’t the time to experiment with a new process your team hasn’t perfected.

2. How Tesla's Culture of Innovation Can Be the Spark Your Team Needs

  • Forbes continues to rank Tesla among “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” with a relentless commitment to product and process innovation. A byproduct of their literal “reach for the stars” mentality has been the development of an absolutely visceral connection with their following. 
  • Innovation can, and should, be incremental with micro-goals comprising an overall plan for your team.
  • Look at all your processes holistically from a quality perspective and seek to continually improve them. Like a Tesla assembly line, try to eliminate inefficiencies. Performing something just 1% better each time will lead to a huge return on investment for your team over time.

3. 60-Second Close: Getting the Most Out of the Last Quarter of 2021

  • Embodying innovation creates buzzworthy events for your company. Want to blow the news coverage out of the water? Axia’s NewsBureau service has a documented proven process to earn news media coverage for your brand’s big announcement. 

Ready to deploy an achievable marketing strategy to close out the year? That's what the Axia team does best. Just ask me how we can help.

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