What is the buyer's journey?

By Axia Public Relations

The journey from seeking information to making a purchase decision!


Flat lay of the airplane following arrows.The buyer's journey involves three stages:


Awareness Stage

Consideration Stage

Decision Stage

At each stage, you need to tailor your content marketing and sales strategy to fit into the buyer's context. Let's understand all three phases of the buyer's journey. 



     1. Awareness stage - top of the funnel

In the awareness stage, the buyer knows their problem and seeks knowledge about the same. They study their problem in-depth and decide whether or not to prioritize the solution.

Here, an organization's goal is to educate their buyers on how they can address their challenges and provide potential solutions. 


     2. Consideration stage - middle of the funnel


In the consideration stage, the buyer has identified a solution to their problem. Now, they look for different approaches to reach that solution to make an informed decision. 

At this stage, the organization aims to highlight its product among the competitors and foster their buying intent. 


     3. Decision stage - bottom of the funnel


In the decision stage, the buyer is ready to make a purchase. They have a list of all the offers with merits/demerits and can now select the one that aligns with their needs. 


Now, the organization would want to win the buyer's trust by providing proof of their product's effectiveness and successfully convince them to buy the product. 


Understanding how buyers walk through every stage of their buying process can increase your sales significantly. At Axia Public Relations, our expert team can give you complete insights into your company's buyer's journey. 

Contact our inbound marketing and public relations company today to strategize your sales funnel. 


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