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What is Google Discover and why it matters to your company’s SEO

By Axia Public Relations

Google Discover may be the answer to improving your company’s SEO. The updated feed experience contributes to spikes in website traffic and is transforming the way to reach users.


A woman discovering something with a magnifying glass.Google Discover was launched in September 2018 as a feature on Google’s app. It is a feed that recommends content to users based on their search history. Google Discover came from a revamping of the previous Google Feed, where the suggested content was primarily headlines and meta descriptions. Discover now includes more visuals and evergreen content, with customizations available to create a user-friendly experience. Users can follow topics they are interested in and view similar topics.


Why does this matter for your company’s SEO?


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  1. Google Discover drives more traffic than Google Search in some markets.

While the feed is still relatively new, there is evidence that Google Discover has driven more traffic to websites than Google Search. For example, Vogue reported in 2019 that in foreign markets Google Discover has accounted for more than three-quarters of the traffic its titles got from Google properties.


There is also evidence that Discover is performing in the U.S. as well. Condé Nast, which owns Vogue and other publications, has seen 20% of its sites’ Google traffic come from Google Discover. This shows the updated feed experience is reaching more users.


  1. Google Discover is leading the way of where search engines and other online platforms are going. 

Websites need to stand out from their competitors, which is done by blog posts, videos, and images. Google Discover promotes this content for users to browse. Optimizing your content for mobile use and engaging is more important now than ever. Users prefer personalized experiences and their content to be tailored to them. Google Discover is implementing practices that capitalize on these recent online trends.

With Google Discover still being new, Google Search is still very important to your SEO, but with a combination of both, your SEO will optimize your visibility online. Optimizing your site for Google Discover will improve your user’s experience and boost your search rankings.


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