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What is Google Analytics?

By Axia Public Relations

Monitor your website traffic and gain actionable insights with Google Analytics


A woman looking at analytics data.Websites are a phenomenal way to present your brand to your target audience. It is a one-stop destination to share your company’s vision and mission. Thus, it is vital for you to thoroughly track and analyze your website and its traffic.

Google Analytics is a popular analytics tool to gauge the nuances of your website’s audience. These include their behavioral patterns, response to the web pages, and the varying trends over time. Let’s dive into what Google Analytics is all about and what kind of data it provides.


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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics (GA) is a web tool that helps you better analyze your website traffic. It keeps track of how a user interacts with the various sections of your website and provides you with aggregated data.

Tracking each event activated on your web page allows you to get a clear idea of how your audience is spread across your marketing funnel. Google Analytics is a free tool that helps you monitor your digital marketing tools efficiently. A website is a holy grail for all your outreach efforts, and thus, slicing and dicing its data is imperative.

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Data provided by Google Analytics

You can retrieve user acquisition data and user behavior data with the help of GA. These insights tell you how the user landed on your website and the various actions they performed once there. You also get various additional information, including demographics, session source, age, gender, and interests.

All of these are helpful in implementing effective targeting for your prospective customers and gaining relevant website traffic. With these attributions, you can also identify where your client is likely to get stuck and take proactive steps accordingly.

It is crucial to set up your Google Analytics account and start extracting insights. Axia Public Relations is here to help you get familiar with the platform. Get in touch with us and book an obligation-free call today to start your journey with ease!


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