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Variety is the Spice of Business

By Jason Mudd

Axia’s 60-Second Impact

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March 2021 – Keep Your PR Team Running Like A John Deere in 2021 and Beyond


A John Deere tractor.Top companies are realizing the benefits of diversity in both operations and workforce on a massive scale with the pandemic continuing to alter daily life. Embrace variety to create more engagement, better retention, and a more positive personal outlook.







1. How Caesars’ Blended Workforce Model Can Benefit Your PR Team
2. Keeping Your PR Team Running Like A John Deere
3. 60 Second Close: Self Care to Maximize Your Leadership Potential

1. How Caesars’ Blended Workforce Model Can Benefit Your PR Team
  • Even before the pandemic, forward-thinking groups like Caesars’ Entertainment in Las Vegas have been using a blended workforce model quite successfully. This rolls full-time, part-time, temps, freelance, and agency talent all into a single, highly diversified workforce.   

  • Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Amazon, and many others are effectively using a blended in-person and remote workforce. Smaller footprints translate to less of a need for large office space, less pollution from commuting, and more flexibility throughout the day for employees.

  • Blended workforces create an incredible competitive advantage through on-demand and highly specialized skill sets being readily available, ease of scalability, and extreme flexibility.

2. Keeping Your PR Team Running Like A John Deere
  • Legendary equipment manufacturer, John Deere, is using “authenticity” training to promote engagement with terrific success. Numerous studies highlight the connection between authenticity in leadership and better employee engagement. 

  • Employees want to see real progress in the areas of diversity and inclusion within your organization—not just lip service. Studies show a greater emphasis on diversity and inclusion practices dramatically impacts talent retention. 

  • Marriott International and Adobe, Inc. consistently rank as a “best places to work” nationally. Employees cite the main reasons being due to their huge emphasis on diversity and inclusion as well as women in leadership positions within these organizations.

3. The 60-Second Close: Self-Care to Maximize Your Leadership Potential
  • Top companies are pivoting to a blended workforce model to take advantage of the best talent as needed, when needed. This is creating dramatic competitive advantages for those that are doing it well.

  • Studies show better employee engagement and retention can be had with authentic leadership and a diverse workforce.

  • For leaders in PR, self-care is vital to maximizing your leadership potential. New routines and rituals can help solidify a positive mindset. Exercise, connecting socially, fostering resilience, and learning new skills are also all self-care habits that help increase your overall effectiveness as a leader.

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