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Why website speed optimization matters

By Axia Public Relations

A clock on a desk.We live in a busy and hyper-competitive world. 


Modern customers are impatient and want the web content to load within seconds. Delays may make them move to another source, and you may end up losing potential business opportunities. 


If you care about leads, conversions, and customer delight, you should pay attention to your website’s load speed. Let’s take a look at how website loading time makes a huge difference. 


  • Buyers aren’t patient

When people want to buy products and services, they hate waiting. The same goes for searching online. Your visitors will switch to other options when your website loads slowly. They’ll lose interest, and you’ll lose leads.  

There are two common consumer reactions to slow-loading websites :

  1. A decrease in conversion rate - No one takes action

  2. An increase in bounce rate - Users will close the window or click away

  • Page Speed impacts SEO

Google states page speed as a crucial ranking factor for websites. Along with other factors, your site's performance will matter when deciding its position on the search engine results page (SERP). 

Google uses its algorithm to find a website that quickly responds to web requests. If your website loads slowly, Google is not going to rank it on top. 

  • Slow-loading websites affect the user experience

Longer page load speeds tend to have higher bounce rates and reduce the average stay-time. A slow website results in poor responses to user actions, impacting the user’s overall website activity and online experience. 

A frustrated visitor leaves the website immediately when experiencing delayed attention to his or her requests. 

  • Long-term impact on your brand 

A slow-loading website affects your brand reputation in the long run. Your visitors, when disappointed with your services, will not recommend you to others. Hence, your growth is naturally hindered by a declining brand image. 


Also, the backlinks your website used to receive from established ones may experience a decrease. This questions your business' credibility, another factor that boosts your search engine rankings. 


At Axia Public Relations, we bring proven expertise to optimize your website speed and deliver quality improvements in website ranking and conversions. 


Get in touch with our team to discuss your PR and marketing goals. You can also give a call at 888-PR-FIRM-8 to discuss your need for a modern & content-focused website design


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