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Use Social Media, Mobile Marketing to Your Advantage

By Axia Public Relations

Axia's 60-Second Impact
60 Seconds Of Information Impacting You And Our Fast-Forward Economy

November 2011


Axia's logo.Your social media content should serve as an advertising campaign. If your potential customers are smartphone users, develop a digital presence friendly to a mobile interface. If you’re not in front of your customers, you can’t hope to sell anything to them – we can help put you there.


Estimated Reading Time: 60 Seconds

60-Second Articles:

  1. The Real Secret to Success on Facebook, Twitter

  2. Is Mobile Marketing Right for Your Company?

  3. The 60-Second Close: We're On Top of Everything Digital 


1. The Real Secret to Success on Facebook, Twitter

  • Crafting a message is the most important element of any advertising campaign. The copy has to be original, creative, memorable and engaging, with a call to action. Without those key elements delivered to your target audience on a frequent basis, don’t expect the register to ring, no matter what business sector you’re in.

  • The content used in your Facebook and Twitter postings should be no different.

  • Everyone uses social media platforms because they’re easy to use. The ability to write interesting content that converts fans into paying customers is what’s difficult.  

  • The real secret to success on Facebook and Twitter is not the number of followers you have, but the number of people interested enough in your company to want to spread the word about what you do and purchase your product or service. That’s all because of your content.

  • How well is your content working for you? Do you have a professional writer on your staff who understands critical components of publicity efforts?


2. Is Mobile Marketing Right for Your Company?

  • With the hype of mobile marketing as “the next big thing,” no matter what business sector you're in, the question remains, "Is it for real, is it for you and how much should you participate?"

  • The root of the issue is knowing if your customers will seek out information about your company using smartphones. If so, you want to have a presence.

  • There are some specific strategies you will want to employ if your customers use their smartphones to find out more about your company.

  • Choose your strategies, then employ these related mobile elements in your overall publicity plan.

  • For a customer:

    • searching for your company's name, location and driving directions, go to Google Maps on your smartphone and type your business name. Is all of your company information found?

    • searching in your business category, download the Google App and, using your voice, ask for your business category. Is your company listed in the results?

    • using a smartphone to get to your website, type your company's web address into your smartphone's browser. Do you need your website reformatted for the mobile platform?

  • To give customers:

    • incentives to visit or purchase your service, download "foursquare," one of the most popular free location-based platforms.

    • complete services and customer engagement in one package, consider the development of an app.

    • the ability to make a purchase from a smartphone, make sure you have e-commerce purchasing capabilities so you won't miss a sale.

    • more detailed information or "inside" product knowledge, provide QR codes linked to product videos and demos at all customer touch points.


3. The 60-Second Close: We're On Top of Everything Digital
  • We're the first to admit that nothing happens until a sale is made, but you don’t even have a chance to make a sale if you're not in front of your potential customers.

  • With your customers already active on the digital landscape, we're there to help you stay one step ahead.

  • For everything from media relations and social media to corporate communications, videos and publicity efforts, get the right message out. We can help you get there faster than ever.


Best Wishes,

Jason Mudd, APR
Axia Public Relations


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