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Use Social Media and Excellent Customer Service to Wow Customers

By Axia Public Relations

A well organized social media strategy gets your name, story and ideals in front of potential customers with every post. When they come to you, greet them with a gold-standard experience of a lifetime and they'll stay with you. Superior customer service will make all the difference to your company's brand experience.

1. Develop a Social Media Strategy

  • Developing a social media strategy is not as easy as hiring an intern to do everything and hoping it works out. There are many moving parts and people who have to get involved to make it work well.
  • Formulate a plan and get a top-down commitment on why you're participating in various social media platforms. What do you want to achieve for your company? What makes success? Which platforms does your target audience use? Who will supply new content and how often will it be posted? Who will supervise it all?
  • Start your social media plan with a blog, offering insight into your business category. Each blog post, besides affecting search engine optimization of your website, can drive referral traffic to it. In addition, you can condense and syndicate blog posts for Twitter and Facebook.

2. Establish a Gold Standard of Service

  • In all business categories, the defining moment when a customer makes the decision whether to purchase from you or your competition comes down to just one element: service - the overall experience of dealing with your company.
  • How you structure your customer service experience is a critical part of your marketing plan, but few companies give it the time and training it deserves, leaving it an intangible line item.
  • If your company doesn't have a gold-standard benchmark, pick your own. Choose not only from companies, but from personal experiences that really shook you to the core. Then live up to it.
  • If you don't have a company to emulate or an experience to relate to as a gold standard, start here: The Ritz Carlton Gold Standard may be all you'll ever need!

3. The 60-Second Close: The Brand Experience

  • There are many companies making national business news for the defining way they treat their customers. Big or small, businesses that focus on the customer's experience are winning the battles by offering things that we take for granted every day. It's about the wow factor, the experiences, the small cordialities - the things that you can't count, but really do count.
  • The customer's experience should be a tangible part of your online and offline marketing plan. Need help in developing that brand experience? Call us. We can get you there, now much faster than ever.


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