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Build relationships in your industry to construct your success

Why even small connections can lead to business growth and how PR can get you there

In business, it’s easy to become trapped in your own little silo. You get so focused on building your company that you forget to be a part of your industry. With help from public relations, you can build more relationships in your field.

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4 ways to position yourself as a thought leader

It’s all about content, engagement and PR

Becoming a thought leader in a specific industry requires strategic actions to get your voice/contributions out into the public. Whether you want your connections on LinkedIn to turn to you for expertise or you want the industry at large to be wowed by your work, there are plenty of ways to position yourself as an industry thought leader.

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Topics: public relations, thought leadership

Grow your customer base with thought leadership

Learn how to use your knowledge to increase profits and advance your brand

Getting consumers to notice your company and trust you enough to make a purchase are the keys to growing your customer base. Everyone knows that. What is less clear is exactly how you go about attracting (and keeping) more customers.

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Do people mention you when discussing your industry?

Learn all about thought leadership and how you can use PR to attain it

There are plenty of corporate buzzwords and phrases floating around these days like “dashboard,” “human-to-human” and “goal digger.” Most of these will go just as quickly as they came. One that has remained throughout the years is “thought leadership,” and for good reason: It’s important.

You may have been told that your company or CEO needs to be positioned as a thought-leader in your industry but don’t really know what all the excitement is about. With help from PR, you can gain a better understanding of this vital term and achieve it for your company.

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Topics: public relations, thought leadership

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