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Top 5 reasons people follow brands on Twitter

By Pauline Blum

37758285_sWhy putting a face on your company is key

Within the last five years, companies across the globe have turned to social media for mass marketing and promotional purposes. Where newspapers and then TV once led the charge, social media is currently the easiest and most effective way to share content with a vast audience.

As the presence of social media continued to grow, businesses realized that using social media platforms, particularly Twitter, was a great way to put human faces on their brands and a way to attract customers through personalization. Twitter is like a 24-hour news broadcast feed and is a great platform for companies to post clear and concise content.

By creating a Twitter profile and posting interesting and relevant content daily, your company shows the public that you care about your profession, your industry and your clients. When users follow your company, they will see your posts on their feeds and will be up to date with your company’s news.

There are numerous reasons why Twitter users follow brands. Here are our top five:

1. Promotions and discounts

Understandably, the No. 1 reason why people choose to follow brands they like on Twitter is so that they can know when a product or service they’re interested in is going on sale. With our nation’s struggling economy, people are eager to learn about ways to save money through promotions and discounts, so it’s imperative that companies share this information far and wide. After all, if your company doesn’t publicize a sale enough, the public will miss out on your product and you’ll miss out on revenue.

2. Latest product information

People follow brands on Twitter because they’re interested in the latest and greatest products or services those companies are coming out with. According to Twitter, 74 percent of people follow brands to receive product updates. The market is highly competitive, and constant innovation and ingenuity is crucial. But what good is your new and cutting-edge product if nobody knows about it? Your company needs to promote your latest product information so potential customers take interest before they opt for a competing brand instead.

3. Customer service

Twitter is an excellent platform for your company to personally engage with customers and show them that you care about their opinions and experiences with your brand. If someone gives your company feedback over Twitter, whether positive or negative, a quick tweet back is an effective and efficient way to show gratitude or resolve concerns.

4. Entertainment

Another important reason why users follow companies on Twitter is for entertainment purposes. Companies that are known for sharing enticing content, even if it’s not necessarily about the company or product itself, usually attract more followers. Your company should share interesting articles, cute or funny pictures and videos, commentary on certain issues in the news and more. If people can see that your company cares about relevant matters in the world and not only about getting more customers, they will likely find your brand more attractive and consider it unique.

5. Feedback

If someone follows your brand on Twitter, it’s highly likely that she’s already a frequent customer or is interested in learning more about your product or services. People often follow brands they care about and give feedback to the company on their experiences so the company can either continue or improve its services. Twitter gives customers a loud and public voice, so it’s crucial that companies take constructive feedback to heart. Using Twitter is an excellent way to see what the public thinks about your brand and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

This information was inspired by Marketing Tech Blog. For more about using social media to attract customers, check out Axia Public Relations’ Essential Social Media Management Guide.

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Pauline_BlumPauline Blum is studying marketing at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. She plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in marketing in 2017.







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