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Time For Public Relations Innovation

By Axia Public Relations

Public Relations Innovation The Nordstrom Way

As companies rebound from the economy, it's time to re-think and re-innovate your public relations. Whether you're in the business-to-business or business-to-consumer sectors, "personal connection-oriented marketing" still works.

Make sure you add "human touch points" to your sales-building plan. These include the genuine smile and honest conversation, the thank-you note and the post-sale phone call.

Make "personal connection-oriented marketing" your competitive edge. Very few companies take this approach, believing that shaking a hand and having a conversation takes too much time and is simply old-fashioned.

After all these years, it still works for Nordstrom. Regardless of what business sector you're in, it will work for you.

Want A Better Ranking On Google? A Blog Can Help

Having a difficult time securing a strong ranking on Google for your prime search phrases? Getting your company's Web site to the top of search results is a difficult and daunting task, especially if having a strong Internet presence is a critical part of your or your competitors' marketing plan.

One of the best solution to this problem is a company blog. A blog can enhance your search engine rankings simply because Google looks at blogs differently than it looks at Web sites. Google views blogs as being extremely relevant in terms of the content.

In addition, Google likes frequent copy changes. Thus, a blog with frequent postings gets spidered more often than a static Web site.

Surprise! Media Is Not Dead

Contrary to the pundits have been spouting for the past decade, advertising is not dead. In fact, it is more alive and popular than ever. And for those who preached that TV was a goner, well, TV viewing has actually increased. And newspapers? Well, that's a different story, but you must realize that the problem with newspapers is mainly that their financial numbers haven't been in order.

While there have been changes and course corrections in some of the more traditional outlets. The popularity of media is evident on countless new mediums. Notice messages on the different transit systems, billboards, escalators, grocery carts, gasoline pumps, T-shirts, pizza boxes, grocery receipts, bus shelters, park benches, buildings, movie theaters, airline boarding passes, washrooms, baseball stadiums and of course, everything related to the Internet.

So, is the media dead? Certainly not. It's just that the venues to reach different targeted groups - your customers -have changed and multiplied.

The 60 Second Close: When Did Marketing A Business Get So Complex?

There's no doubt that your "daddy's same old marketing plan" won't grow today's business. The Internet and an influx of new and nontraditional mediums have made life a little more complex and much more interesting.

Need help determining what will work best to reach your target customer? Let us know. We can help you get there ... faster than ever.

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