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Three questions about online content for TV stories featuring your company answered

By Jacob McKimm

Clear up some issues that could arise after getting a TV story


A question mark.Having your company’s story on TV is an exciting time. You’ll be getting a lot more eyes on your company and putting your name out there. However, during the process, there are some questions you might have related to the online version of the story, such as the video not appearing or if they’ll post the story online at all.


At Axia Public Relations, we’ve noticed our clients ask these main questions. To help people navigate the process, we’re answering these questions, so people can go through the news process more smoothly.



     1. If my story appeared on TV, will it appear on the news outlet’s website?



The answer for this one is “we’ll find out soon.” Newsrooms are very busy places, and it might take time for them to get the story posted — if they find the time at all. 


Don’t fret, though! SEO is important to them, and one of the best ways to improve your SEO is with content. A story or video about something you did with them on TV is great content. Great content leads to more clicks, which means more ad views and more advertisers wanting to work with them. So it’s in their best interest to post the story as much as it is in yours.


Don’t expect a story to appear online before it appears on TV. Having it online robs them of an exclusive story to headline their TV segments with, so they wouldn’t make it live before it appears on TV. Start checking after the story has appeared on TV.


However, if the story hasn’t popped up after a few days, then drop them a note asking why it hasn’t gone live. If they don’t respond, ask again. If the story isn’t online by then, they’ll typically give a good reason why.


     2. My TV story was published online as an article, but there wasn’t a video with it. Do we need to ask them to upload the video?



You don’t. All you need to do is wait. The video might not be ready yet for a variety of reasons, such as the segment your story appears in not airing yet. Give them time; they’re competent professions, and they’re very busy. You stepping in to try to micromanage them is the last thing they need. Besides, if they focused too much on you, it would seem like advertising, and something that feels like an ad tunes people out.


Video is great content for their SEO as well as yours. 


     3. If a news outlet does a story on my company, will they post a link to my website?



Maybe. It depends on their policy.


Some outlets have a policy against posting links to the group they’re writing about. It might be to make their story more neutral and make sure the only linkbacks they get are advertisements and advertisers, or both.

Others will post the link. Having external links is great for their SEO, so they add a link to your site to help their SEO while adding value to the reader.


If a news article doesn’t have a link to your site in it, have your PR firm or communications head ask the news service to add it in. Sometimes, news outlets simply forget to put a link in or can be convinced to add a link. Be polite about it, and ask in a way that helps everyone, not just you.


During the process, suggest a specific link for the news outlet to use. The link suggested should be related to the story and of value to the reader, so avoid links to sales or landing pages. Instead, think about how the link ties into the story and helps the reader’s day improve in some way. A link that expands or reinforces an idea in the story is ideal. Put their audience first, and you’ll be able to find a great link to send to the news outlet.


Some PR firms might be afraid to ask because it could upset their relationship with the news outlet. But we’ve found the worst that can happen is them saying no if you ask the right way, so encourage your PR firm to try if it’s reluctant.


Appearing on TV for a story is great for public relations, but what’s also great is the story appearing online with a video and a backlink to your site. Whether you’re just starting the process of getting your company on TV or you are wondering about the state of the online story, we’re confident these answers will help you. If you have any extra questions, comment below and we’ll be happy to help. We might even make a video on it.


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McKimm_Jacob-1.jpgClients love Jacob’s speed. Jacob is an inbound marketing-certified webmaster. He earned an integrated communications degree from Florida State College at Jacksonville. Jacob joined Axia PR as an intern in August 2015 and earned his way into a critical role at our PR agency.


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