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Three best social listening tools

By Amelia Ellicott

What to look for and why it matters


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In 2021, the use of social listening tools is increasing because more brands are turning to social media for customer insights. Because of this, it’s important to use the best social listening tools. 







What’s a social listening tool? 

A social listening tool keeps tabs on what customers and prospective customers have to say about your business, product, service, or content. You need to monitor social media for mentions of your company, customer feedback, and any conversations that contain keywords about your company or competitors. 


After analyzing that information, you can determine what is the best way to improve your social media strategy and social presence. 


Here are some of the best social listening tools:


HubSpot Social Media Management Software

HubSpot allows you to manage your entire social media strategy from one place. You can manage day-to-day interactions and engagement on your social media and target specific audiences with its free CRM (customer relationship management) software. 


HubSpot also lets you schedule your posts ahead of time and stay up to date with what is trending using its Social Inbox tool. This tool also allows you to prioritize your social media interactions. 


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a platform that provides solutions for customer care, employee advocacy, social listening, and analytics. Sprout Social manages and monitors engagement across all social media platforms in one place using its Smart Inbox feature. 


Sprout Social can also schedule posts, map out content strategy, help you learn about your audience, and uncover trends. You can even link Sprout Social with your HubSpot software to collect accurate social reports. 



Hootsuite is a website that allows you to view all your comments, messages, and brand mentions across various social channels. It also allows you to respond all on one user-friendly dashboard. 


Hootsuite can help you track influencers and leads in a list that can be shared with others in your company. You can also customize paid social media campaigns, measure your success across all social media platforms, and monitor all social media activity. 

Having the right social listening tool can help you engage with customers, manage crises, track competitors, find what’s not working for your company, discover new sales leads, and identify influencers and brand advocates.

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Amelia is an intern at Axia Public Relations for the spring 2021 semester. She will be graduating in April with a bachelor of science in public relations and a minor in digital marketing. Amelia has a passion for writing and a love of helping others and meeting new people.


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