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The strategy of being remarkable

By Jason Mudd

20215027_sDecember 2015

Estimated Reading Time: 60 Seconds

Incorporate remarkability, good SEO practices into business strategy

By definition, the best way to set yourself apart from your competition is to be remarkable, so make a point of it. Proper search engine optimization will ensure that your website ranks well on Google so that potential customers can find you. It’s time for your company to say “goodbye” to 2015 and “hello” to a remarkable new strategy for success.

60-Second Articles:

1. The strategy of being remarkable

2. Get picky about your ranking

3. The 60-Second Close: Get remarkable in 2016


1. The strategy of being remarkable

  • In a complicated, noisy public relations environment diluted with mile-long mission statements and incomprehensible jargon, you need a strategy – one that focuses on a single, powerful word: remarkable.

  • Is your company remarkable? Use the word in every facet of your business from your infrastructure to your customer base – a remarkable location, remarkable people, products, value and customer experience. Every touch point needs to be noteworthy – otherwise you’re just average.

  • With similar businesses pushing similar products competing for similar customers, now is the best time for a business model focused on remarkability to earn you success and a place apart from the pack.


2. Get picky about your ranking

  • At Axia, if there’s one thing we’re picky about, it’s this: It’s imperative for your company’s website to rank within Google’s top 10 listings. That means the first page for the relevant keywords that users search to find your products or services. Otherwise, you’re missing out on millions of dollars in potential sales coming from computers, tablets and phones.

  • Your website is your online headquarters, and if you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. Customers have no patience for traversing beyond Google’s second page of results.

  • Audit your website to ensure it contains all of the elements Google’s spiders love: proper title and meta tags, alt tags, relevant content with strategically positioned keyword phrases and internal page links, for starters. Eliminate barriers that stonewall spiders from determining what your pages are about.

  • It’s critical that you allocate a portion of your budget to search engine optimization. Continuously monitor and refine your website so potential customers can find you online immediately.


3. The 60-Second Close: Get remarkable in 2016

  • We wrap the year with a thank-you for taking 60 seconds to read our monthly game-changing insights.

  • We can guarantee that only companies with strategies for being remarkable will win the battle for market share.

  • If you’re ready to take your company in a direction that will accelerate your profits to levels you’ve been unable to reach in previous years, call us. From innovative thinking to a second opinion, we can get you there faster than ever.

Best Wishes,

Jason Mudd, APR

Axia Public Relations


jason-mudd-axia-pr-1Jason Mudd, APR, is CEO of Axia Public Relations. He is certified in inbound marketing and is an Emmy Award-winning, accredited public relations practitioner, speaker, author and entrepreneur. Connect with Jason on Twitter @jasonmudd9 and Axia Public Relations @axiapr. Be sure to tweet and share your thoughts below. We’ll read and respond to each of them.



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