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The (not so) hidden value of strategic communications

By Jason Mudd

24809450_sIn the world of art, every picture tells a story. In the world of business, every company has a story to tell. Successful companies know how to distill their narratives into compelling, brand-defining messages as artfully as a master storyteller.


In the crowded marketplace, companies that enlist the help of PR pros to strategically craft their messages increase their chances of standing out among competitors. But it’s not enough to print these key messages on marketing materials and publish them on web sites.




  • Companies must integrate their messages throughout the entire voice of the corporation.

  • Corporate communications directors must formulate a company’s key messages and get everyone on the same page.

  • Executives must be trained in the art of the interview.

  • Keep the message fresh. The most successful franchises frequently change their messages to reflect new products or services.

  • Smart companies know there is an inductive relationship between business solutions and business strategies. The right team can opportunistically frame any business solution into a compelling business strategy, and business strategies are at the heart of strategic communication.

It doesn’t matter what industry you compete in; the age-old art of storytelling can still convince and persuade, and it is from that art that popular beliefs are created.

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jason-muddJason Mudd, APR, is CEO of Axia Public Relations. He is certified in inbound marketing and is an Emmy Award-winning, accredited public relations practitioner, speaker, author and entrepreneur. Connect with Jason on Twitter @jasonmudd9 and Axia Public Relations @axiapr. Be sure to tweet and share your thoughts below. We’ll read and respond to each of them.





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