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The Katie Couric Marketing Plan: Lessons to Enhance Your Business

By Axia Public Relations
  • As you receive this issue, Katie Couric has already started her reign as the first solo female news anchor on the CBS Evening News. Despite Ms. Couric’s popularity, CBS executives still felt compelled to get information on the public’s perception of Ms. Couric and how she would best make the “fit” as a trustworthy communicator of the evening news.
  • The elements used in marketing Katie Couric from a “perky” to an “authoritative” prime-time newscaster is a blueprint that all companies, in every business category, should explore. They include the following:
    • Don’t take new markets lightly — your product might be successful in one market, but don’t assume that it will be accepted in new, untested markets.
    • Talk to your marketplace — implement research from buyers and non- buyers on their perceptions about your product/service.
    • Develop a differentiation — in an over-crowded category, how will your product/service stand out or be packaged from the others?
    • Be visible — meet and greet your potential customers; make as many friends as possible and tell your story.

Topics: digital PR, public relations

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