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Tackling Adversity in Modern Marketing

By Jason Mudd

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September 2021 – Adapt and Overcome the Hurdles Holding Your Team Back


september 2021 newsletterTime and again, the truly successful organizations and memorable campaigns have been those that went against the grain. Surviving skepticism and overcoming doubt, marketing leaders can harness their team’s unique skills to create buy-in at every touchpoint. 





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  1. How to Adopt a "Beyond Meat Mentality" In Your Industry
  2. Harvard’s Plan for Humanizing the Digital Transformation Revolution
  3. 60-Second Close: Leading by the Numbers to Close Out 2021

1. How to Adopt a "Beyond Meat Mentality" In Your Industry

  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Beyond Meat is expected to generate around $500 million in sales in 2022. 

  • Numerous would-be investors told the CEO the concept would never take off. He took those negative comments and painted them on the walls of the company’s HQ to turn the negativity into motivation.

  • Taking what others say will be a failure and turning into a great success takes time, dedication, and boldness. What could you be doing to motivate your team to overcome adversity and focus on the mission?

2. Harvard’s Plan for Humanizing the Digital Transformation

  • A recent Harvard Business Review article points to digital transformation trends skyrocketing, and yet, many business leaders don’t know where to begin.

  • Digital transformation helps a greater audience notice your brand, improve efficiency, and improve the bottom line. But where do you begin in a mid-market or even enterprise-sized organization? 

  • Leveraging insiders within your organization helps build a strategy for implementation that works with the real day-to-day and takes advantage of intrinsic knowledge that already exists in your company. In the end, humanizing the digital transformation process creates more buy-in and engagement.

3. 60-Second Close: Leading By the Numbers to Close Out ‘21

  • No matter how big your corporate communications, PR, and marketing team is, the individual members will always be your greatest asset. Axia Public Relations can help you produce the PR and marketing strategies and solutions that showcase why your brand’s talent represents the best possible value in your space. We’ll help you develop a game plan that’s direct, proven, and measurable for success.

  • When you go for greatness and win, the story needs to be well told across digital and traditional media outlets. That’s where Axia’s NewsBureau service can get you the coverage needed to accomplish this in a measurable way. 

Ready to get metrics that help you see just how effective we can be together? That’s exactly what we do here at Axia. Just ask me how we can help.

Be well,

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