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Strong online presence, visible leadership build trust in marketplace

By Jason Mudd

trust-stock-photoIf your company doesn’t appear within the first two pages of Google search results, you could be in trouble. Even though it’s not usually considered part of the plan, strong corporate leadership could be an invaluable tool for your company’s success. Earn your customers’ trust to keep their business.

60-Second Articles:

1. Google trouble? You may have an expensive SEO problem

2. Why corporate leadership is so vital

3. The 60-Second Close: Building a monopoly on trust



1. Google trouble? You may have an expensive SEO problem

  • If your Web site doesn’t appear within the first two pages of Googles search results, from the users perspective, your company doesnt exist. That realization alone is enough to send shudders through any companys executive infrastructure.

  • SEO plays a dominant role in marketing your business – one that requires you to employ the best digital talent possible.

  • Over the years, SEO has evolved into a complex process of optimizing and synchronizing all digital media tools and presentations – the result being a comprehensive online presence.

  • A lack of presence or the shift from Page 1 to 2 or even beyond can result in a devastating loss in sales and a difference in your companys bottom line.

  • The fact is that if youre not on Googles first page, you have a costly SEO problem.



2. Why corporate leadership is so vital

  • In an age of conversations, corporate leadership can accelerate your company to the head of the pack.

  • Visible leadership can humanize and put a personality to a company that’s otherwise perceived as category-bland or indifferent to its customers. It can also outlive even the most successful advertising programs.

  • Leadership can give your company a voice and start conversations that enhance customer loyalty and sales.

  • Take a visible leadership role in your company. Be the face, the voice and the personality. Start conversations through speaking engagements, webinars, community events and social media.

  • People are interested in what you have to say, which can be the point of differentiation between you and your competition.



3. The 60-Second Close: Building monopoly on trust

  • PR efforts rarely reach their maximum performance expectations unless theres an element of trust with the consumer.

  • Our different thinking approach helps you develop that all-important trust in your marketplace – from your visibility online to your corporate leadership presence.

  • In highly competitive business categories, where consumers have a lot to choose from with little similarity, trust will trump everything else you do.

  • Do you have a monopoly on trust within your business category? If not, you should. Call us; we can get you there faster than ever.


Best Wishes,

Jason Mudd, APR
Axia Public Relations




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