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Strong digital strategies net customers, profits

By Jason Mudd


Meeting and exceeding your customers’ digital expectations is crucial to the future and success of your business. Metadescription tags are your final lifeline in your efforts to attract users to your website. The best creative in the world won’t get you anywhere if you don’t have the right strategy supporting it.



60-Second Articles:

1. Why your business’ digital strategy matters

2. The persuasive power of metadescription tags

3. The 60-Second Close: Strategy shapes the future



1. Why your business’ digital strategy matters

  • Many businesses barely have one foot in the digital door. Customers have high digital expectations of you; if you’re not playing full out, they don’t need you. Unfortunately, you need them.

  • Examine your business and how you inform, educate and interact with your customers within the parameters of mobile technology.

  • Your digital direction and strategy will directly relate to the success and future of your company. To reach that success, you’ll want a digital-savvy leader at the helm, discussing where your company plans to be in the next five to 10 years and what you need to do to capitalize on new technology and meet the future needs of customers, employees and partners.



2. The persuasive power of metadescription tags

  • Often overlooked in website marketing strategies, the metadescription tag could be the “click-through clincher.”

  • A well-written metadescription tag, a 160-character summary of the content of your web page (typically a description of your business), must be appealing and interesting enough for users to click through to your website to get additional information.

  • Include your most relevant keywords as part of your summary. Those words will appear in bold text and your listing will stand out from others that don’t include those words in their summaries.

  • While the metadescription tag doesn’t necessarily determine where Google will rank you, consider it your last chance to persuade users to visit your website.



3. The 60-Second Close: Strategy shapes the future

  • Creativity is sexy and fun, but it’s the strategy and planning that make the creative side work. Good strategy entails problem-solving, opportunistic thinking and a dose of common sense.

  • While there’s a precedent for winning awards for creative, we believe this is blind business thinking. The real award is the number recorded on your bottom line.

  • If you like our approach to moving businesses forward and you’re interested in a method that enhances your profit statement, let us help. Great strategy leads to great creative, which can only lead to great results. Call us. We can get you those results faster than ever.





Best Wishes,

Jason Mudd, APR

Axia Public Relations



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