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Seven Brilliant Ways to Use Instagram SEO for Social Marketing

By Randy Stark

A phone with Instagram on it.Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms that are growing continuously in terms of popularity. It’s a photo-sharing and mobile-only social media platform, where many companies and brands are utilizing the importance of SEO to push the messaging of their brand. If you want to apply social marketing through Instagram, you must know how to upload attractive photos with relevant hashtags and mind-blowing text descriptions. If you’ve successfully established a good reach on your Instagram profile, then it’s time you learn to use Instagram SEO for social marketing.


Many marketers avoid using Instagram because it’s a mobile-only social networking platform, which means you can’t even post Instagram images through your desktop as it doesn’t have a desktop version. Thus, the marketing department should use a business cell phone so employees can keep up with marketing through this social networking platform. When you use Instagram for social marketing, you should prioritize building influence, rapport, and engagement. 



  1. Decide the Message of Your Brand

The first and most important step of creating an amazing Instagram SEO is to determine the message of your company or brand. Try to develop some relevant hashtags along with short keywords and phrases that can be used regularly. While you’re focusing on creating a robust brand message, don’t forget that Instagram is a photo-sharing social media network. Thus, sometimes, you may need to concentrate on the visual representation of your brand rather than focusing only on the brand’s message. You also may need to use short messages to avoid unwanted attraction. Per For Entrepreneurs, a simple brand message can attract investors and customers.

These small tags will work as your brand’s message, and you need to use them regularly with great visual content on Instagram. When you maintain specific keywords in the description panel of your Instagram image, it will help your profile be indexed in the appropriate category list on the internet.


  1. Research Hashtags and Keywords

Most marketers use Google keyword planner to create social marketing strategies. However, Instagram isn’t a place to evaluate hashtag and keyword data to optimize your Instagram profile. You can use different applications to gain information about the hashtags people are using, but the app doesn’t have any features to organize the hashtags that prove true relevancy. Content curators determine which hashtags are relevant for SEO and popularity on Instagram. Unless you’re a very big brand, creating new hashtags will not work for you.


  1. Buy fake followers?

If you want to quickly grab thousands of followers, then you can buy them. Although this is professionally frowned upon and is a slippery slope, it’s common in the influencer space, according to the Fake Famous documentary. And fair warning, fake followers without continuously buying fake comments will lead to lack of engagement as a percentage of followers; therefore, you might be penalized by the platform’s algorithm for not having engaging content and may not appear organically in the news feed as you would with higher engagement content. In addition, you’ll probably need to continue buying new fake followers to demonstrate momentum and follower growth. Again, that’s why buying fake followers is a slippery slope. Once you start, it’s hard to stop without looking strange.


  1. Organize Contests

Although many companies host amazing contests on different social media platforms, Instagram is the most creative platform where your contests will get a lot of boost. 

You can also invest a small amount of money into prizes to those users who participate in your contest. However, before hosting a contest for prizes to enhance your Instagram influence, remember that Instagram is a photo-sharing app, and users love to enjoy attractive images. This means you must organize a photo-based contest. Another point to remember is your prize should be relevant to the contest photo. Don’t forget to set some entry requirements.


  1. Use Instagram Business

You can utilize the benefits of Instagram for business to boost discoverability and advertise the message of your brand. Once you’re done researching the hashtags and phrases that are relevant for your social marketing, you may leap into advertisements. The users who set their Instagram accounts to business will be provided business advertising accounts from Instagram. You can assign proper channels as well as metrics that can help you boost your SEO effortlessly. Investing some money in the Instagram business for advertising purposes will undoubtedly shine the future of your brand.


  1. Influencer Marketing

Another useful way to leverage Instagram for social marketing is to approach influencers to promote your brand. Do you know who the influencers are? They could be famous bloggers, celebrities, or content creators who have a massive following or fan base. Try to pinpoint influencers on Instagram and locate the particular ones who match your brand’s image. Contact the influencers to ask if they’re comfortable promoting your brand in exchange for free merchandise or a fee. This can help you enhance your SEO. Use specific hashtags and keywords as well as tag them back from the Instagram profile of your brand. Influencer marketing for social media has proven successful for many brands.


  1. Determine Strategy by Using Data

There are a lot of mists whether Google indexes the social media accounts or not. Although popular search engines like Google and Bing claim that indexing social media profiles improve the search result, there’s not a clear definition of that. Regardless of that topic, you need to focus on Instagram SEO for social marketing because search engines evolve constantly. 



There’s no guarantee if your account will be indexed by Google in the future, so it’s best to use these seven ways to enhance your SEO on Instagram. With the help of this information, you will witness a boost in your profile reach, number of followers, and engagement rate. Don’t forget that Instagram is all about hashtags, stunning images, and relevant text. The more amazing your brand’s story on Instagram is, the more chances you’ll get to boost your reach on this social media platform.


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