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Small changes in customer care, SEO promise New Year profitability

By Jason Mudd


Taking extra care of your customers could be the key to your business’ success in 2015. Google’s new algorithms mandate a significant change in your SEO practices. Now is the time to re-evaluate and switch directions for your business.

60-Second Articles:

1. The ‘quiet’ revolution you need to join

2. Google’s local focus: The impact on your SEO

3. The 60-Second Close: Start-over January



1. The ‘quiet’ revolution you need to join

  • Have you noticed the quiet movement? It’s not over-hyped or expensive. Its an uncomplicated trend: no huge data, no secret algorithms. More and more companies are jumping on board looking for success and to set themselves above the competition.

  • Ironically, the major global companies – with a tendency to think big – are the ones that started thinking small. No matter your size, location or business classification, join this movement to see an increase in sales.

  • It’s about customer care. Companies are investing heavily to treat their customers and clients like royalty and provide them memorable, shareable experiences. They know that, that way, theres no better return on investment.

  • Building trust and relationships with your customers, making them feel appreciated and thanking them for their business may sound old-world, but it will be your key to success in 2015 because personal relationships in a world of technology are scarce.


2. Google’s local focus: The impact on your SEO

  • Google puts a heavy emphasis on local search results (results that will prioritize local algorithms within a companys website over the keyword-focused optimized elements of the site and display results based on the location of users’ computers).

  • The new local focus means you must immediately change your SEO strategy or local businesses will supersede your company’s website rankings.

  • Include: your physical address in your title and meta description tags; a geo-meta tag; your complete physical address in your body copy on every page; and an active Google Map. Also, make sure youre properly listed in all local citation sources. We can help you do this.

  • Googles focus on local search will only get stronger, so make these changes now.


3. The 60-Second Close: Start-over January

  • January is a perfect time to fix what’s broken, implement new ideas and start over. It gives you permission to change, innovate and reinvent.

  • The most profitable ideas might be small: subtle concepts about your product or service that illicit a “wow” from customers – even just sending out handwritten thank-you cards or birthday greetings.

  • Winning the battle of business is about doing little things for your customers that they would never expect. Think differently. Sometimes you have to think small to get big.

  • If you’re ready to start thinking differently, call us. We can get you there faster than ever.



Best Wishes,

Jason Mudd, APR
Axia Public Relations

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