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Relationships are never easy, even for companies

By Maria Gimeno

A frustrated woman in front of a computer.Media relationships are the backbone for getting the positive news coverage your company needs. But what do you do if the same media relationships give you negative coverage? This can potentially hurt your company, so how do you tackle it?







Look at it from a different perspective 

It’s natural to be frustrated by negative reporting about your company. But have you ever sat back and thought about looking at it from a different angle? Why would they say something that will paint your company in a negative light? Where is this all coming from? These questions can help you gain an objective view of why your media contacts are being difficult in the first place as well as give you an idea on how to react.


Communicate with reporters 

Invite reporters to meetings, tours, events, or anything that can help them understand what your company does and how it deserves positive media coverage. Engage with them on other media as well, such as social media. Make them feel welcomed to your company, and always stay friendly with them.


Be patient 

As many would say, slow and steady wins the race. Being patient and communicating with your media contacts constantly can help you in the long run. Building and maintaining a relationship with them will always be valuable to your company.


Create and operate direct-to-audience content 

If all else fails, ask yourself: Do you need your media contacts more than they need you? If the answer is no, then try creating your own content that you know your audience will be interested in. Research what media platforms your audience uses to consume information, and utilize it to your advantage.


Your company and its media contacts should complement each other, not complicate each other. What you do should be mutually beneficial to both parties, and if problems arise, try to resolve them by using these tips.


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Maria Gimeno is beginning her public relations career and is currently studying at the University of North Florida. Her determination and motivation sets her apart in her PR career. Maria began working with Axia in January 2021.


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