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Promote your brand on Facebook Live

By Yulia Dianova

6 steps to grow your client base using livestreaming on Facebook

Use the power of livestreaming for your brand.

FacebookLive is a great way to build relationships with your key audiences. You get to know your target public and tell them about your brand. It’s easy to stream live on your company’s Facebook page and connect with your followers. Here are six important steps for you to succeed.

1. Prepare your location.

Make sure the location you choose for your live video is ready. Provide adequate lighting and make certain there’s no background noise so your audience can hear you well. It’s a good idea to run a test before you begin.

2. Plan your broadcast.

All social media content requires planning, and Facebook Live is no exception. Take your time to think through your content. What are you planning to say? What’s the purpose of this broadcast? Consider rehearsing what you want to say and have key talking points nearby to give you confidence while you stream.

3. Promote your event.

Like any event, it always helps to let your audience know in advance when you’ll be live on Facebook. Make an announcement through your social media accounts and invite people to attend. Write a compelling description of your upcoming event to grab their attention.

4. Be creative and smile.

Try to find content that resonates with your audience. Be creative and give people a reason to watch. Smile and be engaging. The more your audience likes you, the more likely they’ll stick around in the future.

5. Engage with your audience.

Facebook Live is a useful tool for increasing followers, especially if you connect with them. Partake in conversation with your audience by answering questions and responding to comments during your livestream. And be sure to thank your audience for watching.

6. Analyze.

Like any content marketing event, it helps to analyze data. Look at your statistics to help you improve next time.

Facebook Live offers your company the opportunity to put its promotional content in front of millions of people. With some smart strategic planning and creativity, you’ll get your message to a large audience and increase your engagement.

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