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Prepare for 2012 with 10 Ways to Position Your Company for Success.

By Axia Public Relations

Axia’s 60-Second Impact
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December 2011 – Year End Issue


Axia's logo.As the new year looms before us there are always new ways to position yourself in front of your customers. Focus first on your team and then strive to establish yourself as the competitive edge in the field. 




  1. Ten Critical Ways to Position Your Company for Success in 2012

  2. The 60-Second Close: How to Have an Outrageous 2012

1. Ten Critical Ways to Position Your Company for Success in 2012

  • For a lot of companies, the final month of the year sets off a flurry of planning exercises for the new year along with an analysis on what went right and wrong over the previous months.

  • Our agency believes in the importance of planning for success. We share our "Ten Critical Ways to Position Your Company for Success in 2012." These elements are a necessary part of the journey to success and profitability.

  1. Focus on Selling High Profit Products and Services
  • Focus on selling products and services that have a high profit return in dollars as opposed to a profit return in percentages.

  1. Focus on Your Team
  • Build a championship team that's going to survive and win in this economy. Weed out the dissenters, otherwise you risk losing loyal customers and you'll never get them back.

  1. Develop and Communicate a Competitive Advantage 
  • Do you have a competitive advantage that makes your company's product or service standout from your competitors? If you do, people will remember and talk about you. If you don’t, they'll forget about you.

  1. Be the Personality of Your Company
  • Get in front of people and be the face and personality of your company. Networking and speaking in front of 100 people is worth more than you can imagine. 

  1. Love Your Customers
  • Your customers are the sole reason your business exists today. Make them feel important. Once a year, invite your key customers to a special event to thank them for their business. 

  1. Be Remarkable 
  • Everything you do and everything the customer sees about you, from the inside out, must be remarkable. If not, you're just another average company. There's no customer loyalty in being average.

  1. Understanding the Power of Trust as a Marketing Tool
  • The number one way to grow your business is through>trust. Trust is the reason your customers continue to purchase your products and services. Trust is more effective than advertising, yet without trust, public relation efforts do not work.

  1. Invest in "Search" 
  • Your website is the center of online success. It's imperative to aim for a first-page presence on Google for keyword phrases. Page two is not good enough for our clients and shouldn't be for you. If you're not listed on the first page, you're potentially losing thousands of dollars each day.

  1. Be Creative; Be Innovative, Take Risks
  • Creativity and innovation can move your business forward. Can you "supersize" or downsize your products and services? Can you develop product extensions?

2. The 60-Second Close: How to Have an Outrageous 2012

  • As we wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season, keep in mind that there are a number of issues that can easily stop you in your tracks - if you let them. There's still a war going on, a volatile economy, unstable gas prices, high unemployment and elections are coming up.

  • We trust that you'll face these issues, using the likes of common sense, product knowledge, superior service, innovative creative and memorable marketing and you'll let your employees, customers and clients know that you stand for nothing short of delivering excellence in everything you do. 

  • Remember, you have a choice in the game you play. We trust you'll make the choice to have a great 2012.

  • Want to know more about being outrageous in 2012? Give us a call. We can help you get there… faster than ever. 


Best Wishes, 


Jason Mudd, APR

Axia Public Relations


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