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PR Tip: Social Media, Email Marketing and The Importance of The Water Cooler

By Axia Public Relations

Despite the hype around social media websites, you can’t forget the importance of e-mail marketing and offline conversations for your business.

1. Good News About E-mail; Bad News Is You Forgot How Useful It Really Is

E-mail remains the most popular and effective medium for sharing information online.

In a recent study from ShareThis.com:

  • 46 percent of consumers said they share information via e-mail
  • 33 percent said they share information via Facebook
  • 14.5 percent said they use “other channels” to share information
  • 6 percent said they share information via Twitter

Maintain and strengthen your e-mail marketing efforts. Your e-mail program and your Web site are the pillars of your online marketing efforts.

2. Offline Or Online? Where The Conversations Really Take Place

Ninety percent of conversations occur offline; 10 percent occur online. Despite the hype surrounding Facebook and Twitter, the fact is that only a minimal number of conversations occur on social media sites, according to research by Keller Fay Group.

Studies reveal that although 83 percent of the online population says they use social media, less than 5 percent are frequent users and contributors of information. And a study by Sysomos found that 75 percent of all Twitter activity comes from only 5 percent of users. When you consider these stats, the 90:10 ratio starts to makes sense.

Although social media channels remain an alternative venue for conversations, the vast majority of conversations – and the ones that are highly influential – are really happening at the office water cooler.

3. The 60 Second Close: How To Be Part Of The Water Cooler Conversation

Word of mouth is simply a conversation, a sharing of an experience, or a story about someone or something. Word of mouth is successful when people are talking about you on a consistent basis. But the secret is that you have to give them something to talk about. This may range from the ordinary – a great greeting over the phone – to the extraordinary – same-day delivery or something that goes beyond normal expectations.

Want your company to be part of the water cooler conversation? Is word of mouth part of your company’s marketing plan? If not, then call us. We can get you there … faster than ever.

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