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PR Tip: New year brings opportunities to implement new ideas, get creative

By Axia Public Relations

January offers an atmosphere of renewal and risk-taking, and even small, creative changes can positively impact your business. By veering from tradition and growing simple, innovative efforts, you can set your company apart.

In this issue:

  • Think Differently About Your Business. What Would Steve Jobs Do?
  • Is Your Participation In Social Media Worth The Investment?
  • The 60-Second Close: January Is The Start-Over Month

1. Think Differently About Your Business. What Would Steve Jobs Do?


  • With no guarantee that the next 12 months will be trouble-free, one thing is for sure – innovation and creativity will continue to be your business’s keys to success.
  • Many actionable concepts can help your company set itself apart and leap from good to great. These initiatives can propel your product or service ahead of the competition and turn your customers into raving fans.
  • To nail down a starting point, simply ask, “What would Apple co-founder and CEO, the master of thinking differently, Steve Jobs do?”
  • While you may not invent high-tech products that revolutionize the electronics world, just thinking differently and questioning the status quo, changing a product’s size or doing the opposite of what others do, can make a huge impact on your company and customers. Make 2011 your year to think differently.

2. Is Your Participation In Social Media Worth The Investment?


  • Business executives are asking, “What’s the return on investment from social media?” While this transformational way of communicating continues to unravel, there may not be solid answer for you yet - especially if you’re seeking a monetary return.
  • The best return on investment you can look at right now is how the use of social media benefits building a solid relationship with your customers online.
  • In the long term, is there anything more valuable than getting to know the people who are interested in your product or service? We think not.

3. The 60 Second Close: January Is The Start Over Month


  • January is the only month that seems a perfect time to fix what’s broken, implement new ideas or just start over. The new year carries a freshness about it that says it’s OK to risk, change, innovate and reinvent.
  • The most publicity-worthy ideas might be small ideas – subtle concepts about your product or service that could illicit a “wow” response from customers. Your risky idea could be as small as sending out handwritten thank-you cards or birthday greetings to clientele.
  • Winning the war of business is about doing little things for your customers that they would never expect.
  • If you’re ready to start thinking differently, then call us. We can get you there ... faster than ever.

Best Wishes,
Jason Mudd, APR
AXIA Public Relations

Topics: public relations, PR tips

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