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PR Tip: Kill Them with Kindness

By Marjorie Comer

My mom always told me to kill someone with kindness if he wasn’t being a caring individual. That motto has gotten me pretty far in life and not just with people who aren’t being friendly. I follow the “kill them with kindness” motto at Axia Public Relations, as well.

I am continually reaching out to reporters, editors and producers on behalf of clients – reporters who are stressed and many of whom are tired of having their inboxes explode with pitches sent their way or with people questioning why they didn’t cover something in a story... I try to make my pitches personable while still understanding that not everyone will say “yes” and not everyone has to like me, or even that every “no” doesn’t mean the world is ending (though sometimes it seems that way).

I add “Happy Monday” or whatever day it is to the beginning of emails. I even add that I hope their day is going well or that they have a fantastic day. I’ve received responses back from reporters saying “have a good day too,” where many people may not otherwise even take the time to respond to an email.

It brings a smile to my face to know that I may have turned someone’s “blah” of a Monday into a better day because I’ve told them, “Happy Monday.” Many tell me that they remember me for my sunny disposition and my smile. Reporters, editors and producers can’t see my smile through emails or a phone call, but I can definitely bring a bit of fresh air and sunniness to their lives as they read a pitch and go about their day. And if I get a story picked up, then that makes my smile all the more bright.

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