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PR tip: Great coverage doesn't happen overnight

By Marjorie Comer

Marjorie Comer - Axia Public Relations

PR tip: Great coverage doesn't happen overnight

Entrepreneurs are dreamers and our clients hire us with expectations: They immediately want their companies and spokespeople to be on Good Morning America, Headline News or other well-known media outlets. Many people set their expectations high and then soon feel as though their PR firm has let them down. At Axia, we want you and your company to succeed, so we want you to enter into a relationship with our public relations firm with realistic expectations.

First, you must learn to crawl before you walk. With a public relations campaign, you need training before you get that coveted media clip you're looking for. We help our clients refine their messages and practice delivering them to the best audiences.

We strive to help you and your company make appearances and earn mentions in the media over a period of time – not one time and you are done. We want you to be a thought-leader in your industry, the go-to person for the media to interview – not just the subject of a filler story. We strive for the best and most strategic coverage for our clients as opposed to chasing every PR opportunity that we see.

Gaining national attention seldom happens overnight. When it does, it's usually during a crisis and you need PR help stat! (Side note: You should have a PR firm on retainer for when – not if – your company faces a crisis.)

Here's a PR tip: good PR is like a snowball. It starts small and you add to it as we get the ball rolling to get the word out about you and your company. At Axia, we work hard for you and your business. We want to help you set and achieve reasonable and attainable goals for you and your company so we may be mutually successful. Let us help you build your brand. If you build it, the success will follow.

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