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PR Success Stories: Media Coverage for HeadBlade Creates $25,000 in Website Sales

By Axia Public Relations

PR Success Stories: Headblade


Faced with the onset of baldness from an early age, Todd Greene realized he had two options: either spend a lifetime using hair products, or shave. Choosing the latter, he soon realized the cumbersome unsuitability of traditional razors when used on one’s head. Todd sensed an opportunity and designed “HeadBlade,” the world’s first razor to sit comfortably under the hand, created specifically for head-shaving. However, to Todd’s disappointment, big companies such as Gillette and Schick were unmoved by his invention.


Todd’s faith in his product remained unwavering. Setting out on his own, he himself would implement HeadBlade’s patenting, design and marketing. Ironically, within the first two weeks of starting business, orders had been placed from none other than Gillette and Schick. But what really made Todd realize the value of his endeavour came as a result of an article appearing in Playboy Magazine. Sales on his website instantly jumped to $25,000 in correlation with the product exposure, providing him with the feedback that his product truly did resonate and, indeed, was even welcomed by mainstream Americans. More media coverage would soon follow with appearances in ESPN Magazine, Businessweek, FHM Magazine and on television’s HBOSports and Fox’s “Best Damn Sports Show,” providing an even bigger boost to HeadBlade’s growing reputation. Time Magazine even recognized HeadBlade as one of the top 10 designs for the year.


Increased awareness meant increased sales, leading Todd to expand his business from a one-man venture working out of his apartment to a warehouse just outside of Los Angeles with eight employees. Thanks to favorable public reception aided by earned media coverage, product reviews and product features, Todd’s brand could expand its product line to include hats, shirts and HeadSlick shave cream, bringing average individual website sales from roughly $15 to $50 each.


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