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PR and Video Content: Personalizing Your Web Site

By Axia Public Relations

This year will go down in Internet history as the year when PR and video content became accepted as an integral element for dispensing information and entertainment online. Spearheaded by news organizations such as CNN, Fox News and the big three networks, news clips and full-length TV programs are now available on a “when-you-want-to” basis.

  • The PR and video content evolution continued throughout this year as millions of “wannabe” filmmakers worldwide produced their own homemade content clips and uploaded them to various video-hosting sites, such as www.YouTube.com.
  • So, what does PR and video content mean to your business, and how can it help you? You can get a jumpstart on your competition by adding a warm, personal welcome message to visitors of your Web site. You can thank them for choosing your site out of the thousands of others, and you can tell them what’s in store when they explore your site. Visit www.hearingplanet.com for a great example, and then let us help you produce your own video content for your Web site.

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