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Post the right content on the right platform

By Pauline Blum

37897632_sHow to properly use social media channels

Companies that use social media properly distribute content to their consumers differently, depending on the platform. In other words, it doesn’t make sense to share content through a LinkedIn post in the same manner you would in a tweet.

Each social media outlet has a different audience with a specific agenda. While LinkedIn and Google+ are targeted at much more professional audiences, Facebook and Twitter are far more casual.

By using each of the four major social media outlets appropriately, businesses can most effectively reach their target buyer personas. HubSpot recommends that for Twitter posts, marketers should use very brief yet intriguing phrases paired with alluring pictures. As for Facebook, slightly longer posts with pictures and links are fitting. LinkedIn posts should be longer, more captivating and should have a very professional tone. Business owners also benefit by posting content not only about their companies, but also about certain topics that interest their readers.

Consistency is key

Companies that post to social media regularly achieve the best results. If readers don’t consistently see refreshing news from a company, they may forget about it and opt for an alternative. Potential customers want to see that a company is constantly producing new, interesting and innovative content. HubSpot recommends that companies post to LinkedIn and Google+ several times a week and to Facebook and Twitter multiple times daily.

Companies that consistently publish new content keep their current clients in the loop and earn the attention of new potential customers. It is vital that companies analyze the responses the content they post generates. If a post receives many shares, likes or responses, continue to build on that content to keep the public interested. However, if a post doesn’t receive a lot of attention, you may need to focus on a new topic that the public has more interest in.

Pauline Blum is studying marketing at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. She plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in management in marketing from the A.B. Freeman School of Business in 2017. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram @pollyblum.  

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