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Outback Steakhouse employs winning PR strategy

By Axia Public Relations

Outback-logoIt’s great to see a company using PR in a smart and astute way to boost sales. Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. announced last week that its Outback Steakhouse Restaurants are now open for lunch nationwide. The company, looking to increase its revenue by expanding its menu and hours, initiated a campaign of national awareness after testing the market on a much smaller – and quieter – scale over the past year. Outback Steakhouse began offering lunch service in select restaurants last year to assess the overall consumer interest and operating expenses. After successful trial runs, the corporation was ready to formally announce its plans to launch lunch service at all of its restaurants across the nation.

It’s a smart PR approach to test a market in a low-key manner before announcing it officially. All businesses can benefit from this strategy. By carefully executing a plan to share news in a steady, controlled way, a company can maintain and even build positive brand identification. It’s critical for a business to preserve and protect its brand and image. A savvy PR strategy can keep a company brand strong and create a positive impact.

Read more here about how Outback Steakhouse was a winner in PR last week, and contact Axia Public Relations to learn how sharing your news and leveraging public relations can help your brand succeed.

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