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Optimize YouTube Videos to increase Your Business' Visibility

By Axia Public Relations

The Power of YouTube: 20 Hours of New Videos Uploaded Every Minute

Over 60 percent of all the videos watched online originate from YouTube's servers. Last month, YouTube reached a milestone with 20 hours of video being uploaded every single minute of the day. YouTube offers a number of marketing opportunities to promote your business to its millions of online users worldwide.

Developing Your Company's Branded YouTube Channel

One of YouTube's best opportunities is their branded channel program. One of the most impressive branded channels belongs to the New York City Ballet. Click on www.youtube.com/user/newyorkcityballet to see it and then imagine how we could brand a channel for your company.

How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos to Maximize Your Online Visibility

Much like Google, when one does a search on YouTube, you want your company's video to show up on the first page of the search results.

So how do you optimize YouTube videos to enhance your chances of having a great position on YouTube and on Google?

  • Keep your video less than three minutes in length.
  • Your keywords should be part of the title of your video.
  • Optimize the description of your video with the same keyword phrases.
  • Use the same keyword phrases as part of the tags.
  • Provide a link on your Web site to your video on YouTube.

The 60 Second Close: Is YouTube Part of Your Online Marketing Plan?

YouTube should be an integral part of your company's sales-building plan with videos about your company's product, testimonials and awards.

Are you effectively leveraging the power of YouTube to enhance your company's online exposure? If not, call us. We can get you there ... faster than ever.

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