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November 2006 60-Second Impact newsletter

By Axia Public Relations

Axia’s 60-Second Impact
60 Seconds of Information Impacting You and Our Fast-Forward Economy


1. Helping You Stay Ahead: Adding Live Chat to Your Web Site
Axia's logo.In our continuing effort to help you stay ahead in our fast-forward economy, here is a program that adds Live Chat to your Web site at no charge.

The inclusion of Live Chat to your Web site gives your potential customers an opportunity to ask questions about your product or service and get the answers on the spot. Live Chat adds credibility to your company and also conveys a positive feeling that you provide great “after-the-sale” support.


One more important reason to add Live Chat is simply for differentiation. If all of the Web sites in your business category look the same, having Live Chat on your Web site can be the differentiating factor in a customer choosing your company’s product over another.

2. The Year of Video Content: Personalizing Your Web Site
This year will go down in Internet history as the year when video content became accepted as an integral element for dispensing information and entertainment online. Spearheaded by news organizations such as CNN, Fox News and the big three networks, news clips and full-length TV programs are now available on a “when-you-want-to” basis.

The video evolution continued throughout this year as millions of “wannabe” filmmakers worldwide produced their own homemade content clips and uploaded them to various video-hosting sites, such as www.youtube.com.

So, what does video content mean to your business, and how can it help you? You can get a jumpstart on your competition by adding a warm, personal welcome message to visitors of your Web site. You can thank them for
choosing your site out of the thousands of others, and you can tell them what’s in store when they explore your
site. Visit www.hearingplanet.com for a great example, and then let us help you produce your own video content
for your Web site.

3. When Real Estate Meets Technology: How Much Is That House Worth?

Real estate and the Internet is just one of many business examples of a perfect match.

Buyers and sellers can now get an edge on understanding what’s available in the market-
place and at what value, all in real time.

If you want to find out what a house is worth in a specific subdivision, or even on your
own street, click on www.Zillow.com.

4. The 60-Second Close: The Power of a Click
Whether it’s the TV remote or your computer mouse, our society now runs on a “give it to me now or I’ll click
you” model of communication. Facing that mindset, you, as a business, have one shot at getting your message
across or risk losing the customer to a competitor.

Whether your sales message is on a billboard or on your Web site, we can help you produce
and deliver a message that stops your potential customer in their tracks.For more information,


Keep your stakeholders in the know about your organization with an annual report.

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about putting together your organization’s annual report. Annual reports are generally used to educate and inform current and potential investors of your organization’s financial position and future direction. Create a professional, informative and memorable annual report using 10 tips listed on our Web Site, www.axiapr.com.


Best Wishes, 


Jason Mudd, APR

Axia Public Relations


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