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New Year, New Plan: Agile Strategies Your PR Team Needs in 2021

By Jason Mudd

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January 2021 – New Year, New Plan

Agile Marketing Strategies Your PR Team Needs in 2021


A man looking at various plans.In a few short days, we’ll be able to put 2020 to rest and usher in 2021. As companies settle in for a brand new year, marketing leaders have the opportunity to set new priorities and shift roles and responsibilities to meet new demands. Check out the ways top companies like Nike, Salesforce, and Apple are implementing agile marketing strategies focused on empathetic communication and reimagining what’s possible in a post-COVID landscape.



  1. Meeting Human Needs First with Empathetic Communication 

  2. Agile Marketing Strategies to Use in 2021

  3. The 60-Second Close: Staying Ahead of the Game

1. Meeting Human Needs First with Empathetic Communication

  • The guiding strategy of communication during a crisis follows a simple framework under the acronym H.E.A.R.T. In short, Humanize your company’s objectives and value statement. Educate the changes you're implementing. Provide Assurance. Reimagine the ways you provide service. And finally, Take on the future proactively.

  • Sales and marketing software provider Salesforce believes empathetic communication is able to “come to consumers as a hero with a solution.” Nike has focused its 2020 marketing efforts toward a message of innovation, growth, and purpose. Corporate communications need to be value-driven and consumer-focused, driving home the unique solutions being offered.

  • Empathetic communication builds trust because it delivers on what’s promised. Nailing down your value statement can be difficult, but taking the time to articulate this can really drive empathy. For example, “when I do business with (your company) rather than (a competitor), I get ____ because ____.” 

2. Agile Marketing Strategies to Use in 2021

  • Become a thought leader with authority PR campaigns. This multi-model approach requires honing in on a very specific service offering and building community awareness around your expertise.

  • Diversifying product and service offerings can require strategic shifts. Take Apple’s genius move to start offering new, low-cost iPhones to better meet a value-driven consumer mindset during the pandemic.

  • Digital focus has to be at the forefront of your agile marketing strategy. Triple-digit increases in web traffic and data usage is causing huge momentum swings toward digital service offerings like never before.

3. The 60-Second Close: Staying Ahead of the Game in 2021

  • Develop KPIs in January for your PR team with a target for the rest of the year. This provides you with actionable insights for your team and accountability to share with clients.

  • Create content calendars. This blocks out specific slots for and plans campaigns around lead-converting content marketing well in advance.

  • Utilizing scheduling apps like Calendy makes your time more accessible, more efficient, and less hectic. 


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