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Marketing Strategy: Planning for Success in 2010

By Axia Public Relations

It’s time to get your business out of survival mode, plan for the new year and invest in the most-proven marketing strategy – human trust.

1. Watch Your Web Site: Google Shaking Up Search Results

  • Before the year ends, Google is expected to roll out a major search algorithm update called Caffeine. This update will include an increase in indexed Web pages and a more comprehensive search results page.
  • Many corporations are concerned that the update will affect their Web sites’ important Google rankings.
  • Want to get an early preview of how Caffeine might affect your site’s ranking? Click here: http://cartercole.com/googlevsgoogle.html

2. The Next Big Thing In Marketing: Human Trust

  • As we become mesmerized by and inundated with new technologies, we tend to forget that there is one deciding factor when purchasing a service or product: human trust.
  • A stroke on a keyboard, an e-mail or a tweet will never replace the experience of meeting someone, shaking his or her hand and engaging in a conversation. When that happens, there’s trust, and with trust comes customer loyalty.
  • As the holidays approach, we urge you to try the next big thing in marketing – human trust.

The 60 Second Close: Getting Out Of Survival Mode And Ready For 2010

  • The past year has probably been the toughest business time of your life. But it’s time to look forward. With the new year around the corner, what are your plans for 2010?
  • Here’s our recommendation: While some of your competitors are still reeling and downsizing, now is the best time to increase your market share.
  • If you’re ready to get out of survival mode and develop a plan that will increase your sales to the levels you’ve always dreamed of, then call us. We can get you there … faster than ever.

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