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Largest U.S. mobile mass vaccinator hires Axia Public Relations

By Axia Public Relations

PR campaign to help large organizations vaccinate thousands for COVID-19


Axia and Health Hero's logos.Health Hero, the nation’s largest on-site mobile mass vaccinator, selected Axia Public Relations to share its vaccination capabilities with America’s largest preauthorized injection companies and largest employers to inoculate COVID-19 as quickly as possible.


As pharmaceutical companies continue to race to bring their COVID-19 vaccine to market, Health Hero is gearing up to administer the vaccine to as many government agencies, large employers, and preauthorized injectors as possible. It desired a strategic public relations partner to guide its communications and position the company as the leader for COVID-19 mass vaccination capabilities.



“We’re rapidly vaccinating thousands while our PR and marketing experts share our experience and capabilities and encourage these organizations to select our team of vaccinators to help them and their team,” said Jeff Lott, president of Health Hero Florida. 


Large employers and organizations are important to the COVID-19 vaccination process. With Health Hero, they can vaccinate thousands of people in a single day to ultimately protect their employees and customers from COVID-19. Health Hero vaccinates thousands of individuals within hours and has a decade of experience doing this for flu vaccinations.


“It’s remarkable how quickly pharmaceutical companies developed a COVID-19 vaccine,” said Jason Mudd, CEO and managing partner of Axia. “When Health Hero came to us, their team needed a strategy to quickly capture the awareness, trust, consideration, and decisions among the largest U.S. employers and preauthorized injectors like pharmacy chains and state health departments.”


Organizations who need 1,000 injections per day can bring Health Hero on-site to vaccinate their employees and community. Contact Jeff Lott of Health Hero at 844-631-9230 or healthherocovidvaccine.com.


About Health Hero

Health Hero has administered more than 1 million flu vaccinations in 14 states. Despite a national nursing shortage, the organization has more than 15,000 nurses ready to quickly administer the COVID-19 vaccine on a large scale to employees at America’s largest employers.


About Axia Public Relations

Forbes named Axia Public Relations as one of America’s Best PR Agencies. Regional and national brands select Axia as their PR agency. These companies leverage Axia’s news, social media, web strategies, and programs to increase visibility, trust, consideration, and decisions for their products, services, and experts. In 18 years, some of America’s most admired and fastest-growing brands have turned to Axia. Learn more at axiapr.com

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