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It's OK to only post on social media once a week

By Hannah Feran

Here's why you should be boosting your posts instead of spamming your followers


Most companies are doing social media wrong. WAY WRONG. They're either hard-selling, bragging, shouting, or simply talking to themselves. In the current climate, as much as it pains us PR pros to say it, you've got to invest in sponsored and paid social content. Otherwise, you're only talking to yourself.


Depending on the channel and source reporting, less than 6% of your audience organically views your posts. Yes! That's right! Seriously, n o  o n e  is seeing your posts. Sounds like you’re wasting a whole lot of time for little to no return.


We’ve all heard the phrase “quality over quantity,” and that certainly applies to social media posts. Many companies think that the more content they post, the more people will see their company name and brand and think of their products or services. However, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have algorithms that prevent that from happening. They’ve completely changed how posts appear on users’ feeds, which makes it tough to get any exposure at all organically.


Like anything you do, it’s best to have a plan. A social media plan is the best strategy versus spamming your followers with information that they may not even see. We recommend drafting social media posts well in advance – like weeks, maybe even months. Make sure your posts are peer-reviewed, copy edited, and choose great media to match your message.


Once you’ve put all that time and effort into your posts, you want people to see them, right? The easiest way to get a visible return on your social media investment is to boost your posts. Facebook does a great job of letting you know when a post is performing well (better in comparison to others) and will recommend you pay to boost it. This boosting tool is a great way to help conceptualize what you’re paying for and also helps narrow down which posts are worthy of a little monetary boost.


When you boost your post, always boost to a targeted audience. You have the option to select a specific location, age, gender, and interests. The ability to target such specific demographics and psychographics is what makes boosting worth the money. After inputting your budget, the tool will even estimate how many people the post will reach within the selected specifications.


In short, simply posting once a day (or more … gosh, please don’t) won’t get your company the exposure you want. Instead, sticking to one post per week per platform will keep your followers engaged and informed. Pay the extra cash to boost your posts so that your followers and targeted audience see the content you spent time and money creating. You’ll notice a huge difference in engagement and ROI once you implement a social media strategy that includes occasional boosting.


Social media is ever-changing, so keeping up with the do’s and don’ts can be nearly impossible. Luckily, Axia Public Relations put together an e-book that’ll tackle any social media management questions you might have. Download Axia’s complimentary e-book “The Essential Social Media Management Guide” today to learn the best practices for social media success.  

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Hannah FeranHannah Feran is Axia’s shared media strategist. Clients appreciate Hannah’s attention to detail and passion to exceed their expectations. She works closely with clients to ensure their social media efforts are getting the attention they deserve from a carefully chosen audience. Hannah joined the Axia team in August 2018.


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