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Inbound and outbound marketing - six key differences

By Axia Public Relations

Target your ideal customers with inbound and outbound marketing strategies.


Laptop with colorful marketing documentsMarketing is imperative to boost the sales and market performance of a company. When done right, it can help you attract and retain loyal customers and build your brand name. 


Inbound marketing and outbound marketing are ideal tactics that marketers use to reach their audience. Knowing the core differences between these two will help you make informed marketing decisions and generate higher conversions. Let’s get started. 



Outbound marketing vs. inbound marketing

  • Outbound marketing is the traditional way to target numerous people at one time. Inbound marketing, on the other hand, has developed with the advancement of digital media. It pulls prospects in by distributing relevant, valuable, interactive, and personalized online content. 

  • Outbound marketing’s mediums are TV and radio advertisements, newspaper and magazine advertisements, billboards, telemarketing, cold calling, and pop-up internet advertisements. Inbound marketing promotes business through websites, blogs, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, opt-in emails, influencer marketing, etc.

  • Outbound marketing demands the attention of prospects while inbound marketing prospects reach out to companies.

  • A major limitation to outbound marketing is it enables a one-way communication with prospects. In contrast, interaction with users in inbound marketing helps problem-solve.

  • Outbound marketing refrains you from providing data on the source of leads. If you’re involved in multiple marketing forms at one time, you won’t know whether the lead came from a TV ad or banner unless you ask the consumer. With inbound marketing, you can measure the success of your strategies as leads approach you and are locatable.

  • Outbound marketing will eat a significant section of your marketing budget. A HubSpot’s report concludes outbound marketing is 62% more expensive than inbound marketing.

With digitalization, outbound marketing seems to be outdated and a shot in the dark. It was effective in the past, but because inbound marketing uses a modern approach and quickly targets interested leads, outbound marketing isn’t relevant anymore. However, depending on your company preferences, a combination of both can work wonders. 


To know more about inbound marketing, reach out to Axia Public Relations. Our leading public relations company will be happy to give you further insights on inbound marketing. Contact us today to switch to a more profitable marketing method.


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