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How to use LinkedIn for business

By Caroline Heggeman

A pleased businesswoman.When you create a LinkedIn page for your business, you're joining a network that has more than 756 million members. People use this trusted community for networking, building a professional identity, and job searching. 


There are a couple of things you can do to help your business capitalize on LinkedIn’s features and reach the 40 million users looking for employment each week.


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You want your company’s profile to look sophisticated, yet unique. Start by filling in all of your company details, such as a description of your business and its location. Using high quality images or graphics for the profile and cover photos will also help refine the page. A profile that combines these elements will leave a credible impression and attract more users. 



When people visit your company’s page, you want to educate them on your mission and grab their attention. Blogs, which are one of the five best types of content to post on LinkedIn, are a great way to start. Be careful not to flood people’s feed with your content but make sure to find the right balance for your business. Posting every week has helped to double companies’ content engagement


After putting time and effort into creating a professional profile for your business, it’s time to let other people know about it. Email your employees so they can follow your page, update their personal accounts, and engage with your posts. Join LinkedIn groups and establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Being an active user gives you the chance to network with others in your field and will more than likely increase the amount of people exploring your page. 


Once your company’s LinkedIn profile is complete, you’re ready to connect with prospective employees through job postings. These openings will attract qualified candidates to your business and reach professionals in the LinkedIn community. People are more inclined to apply for jobs when they see that the company’s account is active, has followers, and is reputable, even if they have never heard of your company before.


Don’t believe me? Utilize LinkedIn Analytics for your profile and look at the differences before and after these improvements. This tool gives you valuable data on different areas of your profile, such as your follower analytics, which helps you understand your audience and how to best interact with them. 


If you want to control your company’s online reputation, grow its following, and gain insight on your industry, LinkedIn is a respected platform that can help you accomplish these goals.


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