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How to tell a story through Instagram

By Jada Crespo

Instagram is a great medium to tell stories with.Per-follower engagement on Instagram is 58 times higher than Facebook and 20 times higher than Twitter.


If your company isn’t on Instagram, there’s no time like the present. Instagram is bursting with the opportunity to boost brand awareness and connect with your audience, altering company storytelling. Don't let fear or inexperience hold you back from what Instagram could do for you. Instead, focus on all that you could accomplish with a little bit of direction. 


So how does one tell a story through Instagram?  The answer is through emotion, purpose, and consistency. 


Capturing emotion

Instagram has a great way of capturing an audience's attention because as humans, we want to feel something. We are intrigued by what we don't have or don't know and love things that are visually appealing. With Instagram's visual platform, you can say a lot with only a few posts a week. A picture can truly be worth a thousand words. 


That being said, every picture should convey a particular emotion to its viewer, whether that's a team photo highlighting an energetic company culture or a mouth-watering image of your bakery’s latest creation. Figure out what emotions your photos will spark.


Posting with a purpose 

Now that your photo has elicited a reaction, what do you want their next action to be? Each photo should have a purpose; it's not just an image but one chapter in the digital book of your company’s story. 


That company photo might intrigue someone enough to dive deeper into possible job opportunities within your organization. Those baked goods will now have viewers dreaming of their next cheat day treat. With each emotion, a call-to-action should follow suit.   


With each post you can also unfold your story, diving deeper into the photo's purpose with a caption. The caption can: 

  • Further the storyline 

  • Offer links for additional information

  • Provide discounts increasing sale success 

  • Serve as a platform to ask questions

  • Increase community involvement while gaining knowledgeable feedback 

Use the caption as an opportunity to add value to your content.   


Drafting a consistent message  

will increase your followers and overall reach. If you want to go a step further, use a preset.


Instagram isn't something to be feared but rather embraced. Take advantage of being able to tell your company’s story.


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Jada Crespo is a summer intern at Axia Public Relations. Jada studies at the University of Florida, majoring in public relations and minoring in event management. She loves impromptu adventures with friends and having a good laugh.


Featured image credit Georgia de Lotz  on Unsplash

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