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How to start a blog and keep it fun

By Hannah Feran

Blogging doesn’t have to be boring

woman typing on laptopYou’ve seen the word popping up everywhere on the internet. Companies run them; some people have their own. The fact of the matter is that blogs are where it’s at. Why’s that? What value do blogs add to your company? According to HubSpot, 56 percent of companies that blog get customers from blogging.


HubSpot also tells us that 70 percent of companies that blog get more web leads than companies that don’t. Web leads are easy to obtain with an active blog because published content on your site creates a stronger internet presence. Frequent, quality content pushes your landing pages closer to the top of search engine results. Tech Client reveals that sites with blogs have a 434 percent chance of ranking higher on search engines. Who doesn’t want to be the top hit on Google in their industry?!


So how do you start blogging? You can do it yourself or pay someone to blog for you. If you want to do it on your own, you’ll need a new landing page on your website where you’ll publish posts. If your company doesn’t already have a site, you can use a DIY website builder.


Next comes the fun part! In order to keep the blogging process fresh and entertaining (for both the readers and you), you’ll want to create an editorial calendar for the upcoming months or year. This will be where you’ll organize your blog topics and publication dates. Choose topics that will interest your target audience. The goal is to position your company as an expert in your industry. You should write your posts in your company’s voice, and they should be approximately 250-600 words. Blogs can entertain or educate – and a great blog does both.


Aim to blog at least once or twice a month. You want a consistent blogging pace to keep your readers up to date without spamming them. This pace will also leave plenty of time for drafts, rewrites, writer’s block, and copy editing.


Most importantly, write blogs that you want to read. During the writing process, continuously ask yourself: Is this content interesting and relatable? Successful blogs use titles that grab readers’ attention, which is why they click the link. If you can publish two blog posts a month that are consistent with your brand, interesting to your audience, and that deliver unique and engaging content, you’ll see results.


If trying to blog on your own seems like a nearly impossible feat, Axia Public Relations can do it for you. Our Blogosphere service will provide up to six blogs per month, including writing, copy editing, and scheduling. This expert content and commentary written in your company’s voice will keep your customers and target audience informed on popular industry trends as well as increase website traffic and search engine optimization.

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Hannah FeranHannah Feran is Axia’s shared media strategist. Clients appreciate Hannah’s attention to detail and passion to exceed their expectations. She works closely with clients to ensure their social media efforts are getting the attention they deserve from a carefully chosen audience. Hannah joined the Axia team in August 2018.


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