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How to post unique and native content for your company on Pinterest

By Caroline Heggeman

A pinned note.Since 2010, Pinterest has been a valuable resource to those seeking inspiration in many areas of their lives such as their hobbies and projects. Over the years, the visual search engine has expanded its amenities to enhance its customers' experience. Gone are the days when the only content on an individual's feed came from users they followed. Now it’s a blend of pins that are “picked for you” and promotional pins as well as pins from those you follow.


This upgrade benefits companies that use Pinterest to promote their own products or services. As a company, it’s essential to put your best foot forward when designing the content you’re going to post for millions to see. Having a mixture of the various types of visual formats listed below throughout your pins will bring more personality and visitors to your company’s page.


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With standard pins, it’s important to use vertical images with a 2:3 aspect ratio. Your company can upload high-quality pictures or visit a website like Venngage to create simple yet sophisticated infographics that showcase your products and content. 


Video pins are all about telling a story. These can include recipes, DIY projects, tutorial videos, etc. What’s key to these clips’ success is having an eye-catching cover image and a reasonable length of play time. For organic videos, which are made using the platform's free features, the recommended time is between 15 seconds and a minute, and for video ads it's 6–15 seconds.


Pinterest’s newest feature, idea pins, are a multi-page canvas where your company can collectively share its thoughts on topics in the industry or anything that speaks to your company culture. Evan Sharp, co-founder and chief design and creative officer of Pinterest, says that “with idea pins, creators are empowered to share their passions and inspire and grow their audiences.” One of its many new publishing tools includes voice-over recording so individuals can add narration to their idea pins.  


Product pins can be split into two categories: shopping ads and rich pins. Shopping ads will increase the visibility of your products, and you can create them by uploading your company’s product catalog to Pinterest. Rich pins come directly from an advertiser’s website and you can use them if your company uploads recipes, products, or articles to its page.


Want to showcase different features of a product, advertise multiple products at once, or tell your brand story in chapters? Carousel pins are the perfect solution because they allow you to include two to five images, each with its own title, description, and link. 


Companies need to start using collection pins because a lot of people can’t visualize how a product will look either on them or in their space. This type of pin showcases the product in action and provides a link for purchase.

If your company’s target audience is mostly women, this is one of the best social platforms to utilize because they account for 60% of Pinterest’s global audience. A company that takes advantage of all the tools Pinterest provides and diversifies from its competition’s content will see growth in its followers and revenue.


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