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How to post unique and native content for your company on Instagram

By Marissa Barnes

Someone creating content for Instagram.Since Instagram was created almost 11 years ago, it has become the ultimate platform for photo sharing. With around 1 billion monthly active users, it is more important than ever to share unique content that is native to the platform and keeps users engaged.





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Instagram Stories: 

Ever since Instagram rolled out stories, Instagram feeds have become more cluttered, leading people to use this feature to connect with their audience faster. Stories are popular because they are a great way to “cut the line” and allow people to view your content before scrolling through their feed. Posting multiple stories won’t make people feel like you’re spamming their feed either.


Implementing different elements into your stories such as quizzes and interactive stickers are great ways to create unique content while keeping followers engaged. You wouldn't post the same content on Instagram as you would on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter because the tone, audience, demographics, and messaging are different.



Canva is your best friend when it comes to generating social media content on a budget. This platform has thousands of graphic designs and templates that your company can customize and post to their various social media profiles. 


For companies just starting, visual content is essential for establishing your online identity. With billions of active users, it is more important than ever to create interesting, engaging social media content to connect with your audience.



There are thousands of influencers that promote and advertise for companies on Instagram daily. Finding an influencer that pertains to your company is a fantastic way to generate unique content and keep followers engaged. Influencers are great because they will create the content themselves and you can promote it on the company’s page as well. Everyone loves to see their favorite influencer promoting products, whether it be an athlete, celebrity, or even an industry micro-influencer, so use it to your advantage! 


Those are just a few ways for your company to promote and generate native and unique content for your Instagram account. It is important to stay on top of the latest Instagram trends and incorporate them into your posts. The more that you utilize their features, the more likely you will be a priority in the feed. 


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Photo by George Milton from Pexels

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