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How to keep your brand in front of prospects throughout the buying cycle

By Julie Miller

37323109_s.jpgConsider each phase of the buying cycle when planning your marketing and sales strategies.

From generating awareness of your brand to earning repeat purchases of your company’s product or services, it’s easier than ever to keep your brand front and center throughout the buying cycle. Here are some ways to ensure your brand stays at the forefront for prospects through every phase of the buying cycle.



The first step to earning customers is ensuring they are aware of your company/brand. Build awareness through public relations campaigns, search engine optimization, advertisements and social media. When people find out about your brand, there should be a call to action they can take to learn more. When prospects click that call to action, they transition into the research phase.


Landing pages are great ways to engage prospects who just discovered your brand in the awareness phase. Landing pages can offer key selling points and serve as gateways to more essential information, such as blog posts, videos and contact-us pages.


Next, your prospects may want to compare your brand’s products and service to others offered in the industry. Continue to be the leading company in the prospects’ minds by further selling your product’s benefits. Incorporate content such as trial offers, unique selling propositions, case studies and testimonials/reviews.


After prospective customers research your website, convert them into buyers by implementing remarketing campaigns via Google AdWords or Facebook. This will help keep your company/products top of mind and increase conversions. When a customer is ready to purchase, make it easy through a seamless ordering experience. Clearly communicate specifics, such as delivery costs and shipping dates.


Hopefully, a good experience during the first transaction will lead to a lifetime of repurchases. In addition to providing a good experience, companies can increase repurchases by continuing to engage with the customer via email and implementing strategic remarketing campaigns.

Want to leverage the impact of customer reviews in the buying cycle? Watch our webinar on using PR for reputation management to learn more.

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JulieMiller.pngJulie Miller is a marketing and communications professional, working for more than seven years in the industry. She primarily works in the technology and education sectors and specializes in digital marketing and communications. Julie has worked with Axia since November 2015. Connect with Axia on Twitter @axiapr or tell us what you think in the comments below.



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