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How Communicators are Measuring Their Work and Using Data in 2022

By Axia Public Relations

Communicators are making better use of the data fetched from the frequent measurement of their endeavors


A chart showing data.If we’ve learned one thing from Ragan’s Communications Benchmark Report, it’s that upon evaluating the potency of their work, communicators are more impressed with their endeavors in 2021 than they were the previous year. 


The numbers tell a similar story, as 52% of the respondents rated the state of their internal communications as good or excellent compared to only 41% of respondents in 2020.


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Why the change?

The annual benchmark report identifies multiple reasons for this change, including:

  • Communicators stand a better chance of being involved in pivotal choices
  • Their work has become the focal point
  • They have direct access and interaction with CEOs

These are a result of the various crises that have been going on since 2020. It’s safe to say that every sour has its sweet, at least for communicators, because their significance to their organizations skyrocketed. Even in the middle of a pandemic, your company needs communications


Also, the communicators’ promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion came into the picture all the more. The Communications Benchmark Report gives communicators an image of their trade at a delicate time, as well as a design, for years to come.


Per the report, communicators are gauging their work more often than before, with 37% of respondents involved in monthly measurements as opposed to 24% in 2020 and 17% engaging in sporadic ad hoc measurement compared to 30% in 2020. They are clearly more concerned about data. 


They’re also paying more attention to the efforts of industry mates, pinpointing the most favorable channels, and arriving at more refined conclusions.


On the ability to measure communication effectiveness

Almost 41% of the respondents are at least satisfied with their competence to track the efficacy of their communications. Only 28% of the respondents had such a positive report in 2020. Generally, 78% of the respondents are tracking their communications’ effectiveness. The trend of communicators monitoring and assessing their efforts is commendable.


How are communicators utilizing their measurement findings?

Remarkably, communicators are employing their discoveries more tactfully in recent times. While they’ve focused on spotting the best channels in both 2020 and 2021, they are concentrating more on reaching polished editorial content conclusions and setting standards when it comes to best practices in 2022.


2020’s events paved the way for communicators to be more involved in central decisions.


Noteworthy, however, is the fact the responses of the Communication Leadership Council members varied noticeably from those of the rest of the populace. 80% of members considered their internal communications as above average or excellent while 57% thought so of their external communications endeavors.


These are some of the major discoveries from the third annual Communications Benchmark Report, a study from Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council. You can download a copy of Ragan’s third annual Communications Benchmark Report here.


Efforts and numbers of communicators are measurable, and likewise, with public relations. Read our guide to find out how to properly gauge PR.      


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