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How can media coverage grow your business?

By Jason Mudd

Earned media is the best option to grow your brand’s image


A news interview, showing the value of earned media in PR.Consumers learn at an early age to tune out advertising. No one goes online or watches TV to see who’s advertising. The value of PR is being part of the content and conversation, not sponsoring that content and conversation. 






Earned media or news coverage remains the most credible way for a brand — corporation or individual — to build awareness, understanding, trust, and consideration. In fact, 92% of consumers say they trust earned media whereas only half of those consumers trust paid media advertising, according to Nielsen. That’s because consumers value endorsements from unbiased experts and regularly seek out third-party reviews.


Not only is earned media considered the most credible form of coverage, but Nielsen found it also increases your brand familiarity by 88% more than brander content and 50% more than user reviews.


Now, many consumers believe the media explores every possible option and then uses the most qualified and credible source in their reports. However, we know that’s not true.


I started my career in print journalism at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. There, I quickly saw an opportunity to help organizations create and share their agenda as news coverage as opposed to reporting somebody else’s agenda.


With this in mind, according to McBain Associates, PR remains the most effective way to establish brand credibility, gain media coverage, and get the best return for marketing dollars spent.


If you need public relations help in earned media coverage support, Axia Public Relations has you covered. Book a consultation with us today.

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