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Hospitality, profits hand-in-hand at the top of successful businesses’ lists

By Jason Mudd


Taking special care of employees and customers isn’t just for hotels and restaurants; successful companies everywhere are incorporating hospitality into their business strategies. Plan for profit and set goals so you can work toward them. Make sure your PR agency has a true understanding of your business and asks all the right questions.




60-Second Articles:

1. Hospitality is every company’s business

2. 6 months left: 2015’s most important question

3. The 60-Second Close: Understanding the business of business



1. Hospitality is every company’s business

  • Companies are shifting their priorities, realizing their long-term success hinges on their staff running as high-performance teams. Many are incorporating a new wave of respect for employees that is evident in how they treat customers.

  • Companies are turning toward major hotel and restaurant chains for templates and standards of hospitality, integrating them into their own businesses.

  • Shake Shack’s “enlightened hospitality” mission puts its employees first, empowering them to create an atmosphere of generous caring toward their customers, communities, vendors and investors.

  • The Ritz-Carlton’s Gold Standard for its hospitality team is a 20-point credo based on “We are ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen.”

  • Embedding the practices of hospitality into your company gives you a competitive edge, creating an environment that “enrolls” your team, resulting in a better customer experience and, in the end, creating a “tribe” of ambassadors to your business – the best publicity you can ever have.


2. 6 months left: 2015’s most important question

  • It’s half past 2015; now’s the best time to evaluate the past six months and ask: What do you have to do for the next six months to reach your profit goals?
  • Most companies put profit at the bottom line, but it’s easier to attain when it’s planned. Put it at the top and develop a plan based on the profit goal: How much profit do you want to make?

  • Without profit goals, your company has nothing to strive for and is driving aimlessly. Establish your goals and map out appropriate plans to achieve them.


3. The 60-Second Close: Understanding the business of business

  • As a public relations firm, were also a business. We maintain a thorough understanding of what it is to run a business.

  • This gives us a competitive edge. When we work with a client, were asking the right questions to ensure that, internally, everything is ready for our work so we can create results. We wont move forward until thats all in place.

  • Does your agency work like that? Does it ask the right questions to ensure that you’re ready to make an investment?  

  • That’s what makes us different: We understand the business of business. Sound appealing? Call us now. We can help you get there faster and better than ever.


Best Wishes,

Jason Mudd, APR
Axia Public Relations


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