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4 reasons your content marketing strategy isn’t working

By Yulia Dianova

improving your content marketingContent is the heart of any marketing campaign. By creating content, we communicate with target audiences and build lasting connections. Content marketing strategy is one of the most important components of any digital marketing campaign, so it is important to do it right. There are four common mistakes in content strategies:



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  1. Your content provides no value to your readers.

Inbound marketing content is supposed to valuable to its readers. Create a content strategy based on your readers preferences so that it resonates with them. Don’t know what your audience wants? Ask. Conduct a survey, analyze your best performing content, and keep track of what type of content gets the most shares and likes.

  1. You don’t optimize for SEO.

Your content strategy is only effective if your content is found and consumed by the target audience. Optimizing your company content for SEO is vital. It includes conducting keyword searches, including those keywords in content, and optimizing images, as well as making content easy to read and visually appealing.

  1. You don’t promote your content.

While having useful, high-quality content is very important, it is even more vital is to promote it. Help your readers discover your content by promoting it through social media, paid advertising, networking, guest posts on other sites, and other digital marketing assets.

  1. Your content is hard to read and understand.

Even the best content will not gain much traction if it is written in a way the average reader cannot understand. Your readers will likely lose interest if your text is hard to grasp, contains poor grammar, uses professional jargon, and is visually unappealing. To avoid this, make sure that your content goes through multiple rounds of edits, has visually attractive elements, and it is written in a conversational tone.


Content strategy marketing plays a very important role in your business. It is critical to make sure your content is successful. You can accomplish this by avoiding the most common content marketing mistakes. 

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