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Focus and direction are key to revenue gains

By Jason Mudd

Focus and direction are key to revenue gains.

To beat your competition, accentuate what sets you apart from them. Don’t let your company get distracted from what matters and what works for your creative vision. Maintain a laser focus to achieve your goals.

60-Second Articles:
1. Avoid the sandbox
2. Shiny Object Syndrome vs. sound strategy
3. The 60-Second Close: The importance of direction

1. Avoid the sandbox

Traditionalists maintain that to beat your competition, you’ve got to outspend them. We say, when you jump into the sandbox matching them dollar-for-dollar, there’s a good chance you’ll be outspent, with little results to justify your costs.

Rather than trying to outdo the competition, separate yourself from them by focusing on your differences. Then they’re not your competition.

Utilizing a disciplined PR campaign – featuring blog posts, videos and white papers to “storysell” your differences – will give you an exclusive spot in customers’ minds away from the noise of your competitors all saying the same things.

2. Shiny Object Syndrome vs. sound strategy

With the abundance of media platforms available, the urge to be seen and heard everywhere is appealing.

This begets Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) – chasing the newest platform that promises more exposure and customers for less money and with less work. While this could be called a strategy, it’s a meaningless one.

It’s easy to get caught up in SOS, but it’s more important to stick to your company’s strategic publicity direction. Your creative only works when it fits undiluted into the right strategy.

Successful companies have a defined strategy for every element under the public relations umbrella. They know why they exist, understand their positioning and core audiences and they spend efficiently toward that strategy.

Don’t lose sight of your strategy to SOS. Stay with the focused plan – only then will your creative work wonders.

3. The 60-Second Close: The importance of direction

Companies need a strong, tailored strategy that guides them to increasing their revenues without taking wrong, costly turns. It’s easy to get distracted; it’s easy to generate tactical creative with no sense of purpose.

If your company is losing focus and needs a strategic rebuild for your brand, call us. We can help you get there faster and better than ever.


Best Wishes,

Jason Mudd, APR
Axia Public Relations

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